Tongda News
  Tongda successfully passed ISO9001:2001 the third year inspection.[ 06.4.30 ]

  Tongda board of directors approved the 3000 m2 FIBC production factory building expansion plan.[ 06.4.28 ]
FIBC Series
Type A: 普通集裝袋  Standard Bag
Type B: 防靜電集裝袋  Anti-static bag
Type C: 導電集裝袋  Conductive bag
Type D: 靜電自釋放集裝袋

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About Tongda
Tongda Packing Co., Ltd is a Chinese professional manufacturer of FIBCs. The annual production capacity of FIBCs exceeds 1.2 million,by custom-made specification, The company is one of the corporations with the ISO standard certified long before.The company provides the FIBCs (Flexible intermediate Bulk Container ) , bulk bag, big bag, jumbo bag, container bag,anti-static bag,conductive bag (Type-C bag), UN-bulk bag,baffle bag (Q-bag), container liner, etc. Our bags can be produced in compliance with the British Standard BS EN 1898:2001 or Chinese Standard GB/T10454-2000, also can be produced as customer specified, such as ISO 21898, within the U.N. Dangerous Goods category. "Transportation of Dangerous goods chapter 6.5"...

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